Humble Link Bundle Volume 4

Last edited: Aug 03, 2022

Surfing the internet can be a very passive activity. I often find myself skimming an article or finding a useful resource that I lose or that becomes unavailable later on. Because of this I made this list to highlight some interesting tools, games, and articles that I have found. This month I found a lot of internet resources related to the arts and non technical writing.

If it made sense, I have included an archived link via the WayBackMachine. This means that if a link becomes dead a couple of years down the road, most likely it will still be available on the WaybackMachine. If you are able to support this amazing resource, here is the link.

Prose: - (Archived Version) - On how and why Bill Watterson refused to make licensed merchandise for his strip "Calvin and Hobbes" - (Archived Version) - Strawberry Shortcake and Technological Determinism (The Luddite Message of "Makeover Madness") - A humorous interpretation of the assassination of John F Kennedy published in 1967. "Without doubt, Oswald badly misfired. But one question still remains unanswered: Who loaded the starting gun?" - (Archived Version) - Shakespeare’s work with helpful information to aid in understanding the text. - - (Archived Version)- A computer generated paraphrase of Genesis 1 only using the letter A.

Lifestyle/Art: - (Archived Version) - From their description: "simple technologies and skills that address basic needs such as food, water, shelter, etc." - Photographs of the old South that I found interesting. - A collection of photos and descriptions of abandoned buildings, churches, and town in my home state. - An accessible podcast with stories about hacking and internet security. - (Archived Version) - A Northern US Accent from the 18th to the 21st Centuries - (Archived Version) - How to build bike infrastructure cheaply - A podcast on creating more people friendly infrastructure. - Events Happening on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi

Educational Articles on Tech and Software Development - (Archived Version) - A bit of an intro on how to reverse engineer closed Android application APIS. - (Archived Version) - A list and explanation for every AWS service. A coworker showed me this to help me figure out what services I would need for hosting. - (Archived Version) - How to hire great developers by having them read increasingly complex code instead of live coding. - (Archived Version) - "You ain't gonna need it" An article on early abstraction and how building for the future in software can lead to time wasted. Speaking of wasting time... - (Archived Version) - An intro to ethical hacking and pentesting. - (Archived Version) - An intro to functional programming terminology.

Time Wasters/Tech Demos - (Archived Version) - A fun webassembly "desktop". Lots of games and little tools included as well. Comes with blog posts in the folders - x86 virtualization in your browser, recompiling x86 to wasm on the fly - (Archived Version) - A cool text based weather forecast - (Archived Version) - WEB 1.0 website search engine. If you click the surprise me button you can find lots of random old webpages. - (Archived Version) - low tech web-ring that I want to join. Lots of cool low tech websites for perusal here - (Archived Version) - A funny font that blocks swears. - (Archived Version) - Winamp in your browser. - (Archived Version) - Wordle with scripture verses

Utilities - A collection of beautiful, free ebooks. - A great tool for debugging or reverse engineering web applications. I used this to debug a private Android API. - blog platform that is super lightweight and easy to use - blogging for hackers - (Archived Version) - Awesome lite websites for things like news etc. These are usually ad free and don't use much data. - News without the click and rage bait. - (Archived Version) - A tool that can grab the text from a screenshot. I have found this to be very useful. - A tool that allows you to test different linux distros in the browser without installing or downloading them. - (Archived Version) - A modern text based browser that can handle images. This would be useful for low data situations. - (Archived Version) - A cool tool to run Macintosh applications on the Raspberry Pi.